Sunday December 23rd, 2012
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Hirugatake (Tanzawa) traverse

Hirugatake traverse Leader: Sébastien Participant: Taka-san Long traverse of the Tanzawa mountains from Higashino bus stop, going to Hirugatake (highest point of Kanagawa prefecture) Tanzawa-san, Tonodake before descending to Ookura bus stop. The weather forecast got it all wrong and there … Continue reading

Sunday December 16th, 2012
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Tonodake (Tanzawa) hike

Tonodake day hike. Leader: Sébastien Participants: Ikuchan and Keisuke Classic route to Tonodake. Great weather and unexpectedly fewer people than usual. Like always the way to Sanotou is muddy but worth it. The way up from Ookura is full of stairs … Continue reading

Sunday December 2nd, 2012
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Walking&Tsunashima Onsen

Leader : Yumiko Participants: Masumi, Koichi, Yumiko, Kesuke, Naoko by Naoko It was a cloudy day but we enjoiyed around two hours easy walking in the Niharu forest. First of all we checked the hiking course with the person like … Continue reading

Saturday December 1st, 2012
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Palace Running in Winter Breeze

by Ikuko -Temperature: 5C-10C -Weather: Clear Sky, Chilly but beautiful autumn carpets were everywhere. Two IACers had a great winter running around Imperial Palace. There were quite a lot of exciting things that we discovered beside running itself. (Discovery1) If … Continue reading