International Adventure Club Tokyo

The IAC-Tokyo is an all-volunteer group of folks from Kanto who enjoy outdoor activities together. IAC東京は関東に暮らしてる人々のためのアウトドアに楽しめる全てボランティアサークルです。

Sunday June 23rd, 2013
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Comments Off on Short hike to Gongendake in Yatsugatake.

Short hike to Gongendake in Yatsugatake.

Leader:Sébastien Paticipants: Mark, Maciej Reported By: Sébastien This was the second attempt to go to Gongendake. Due to rain forecast the previous week I had decided to cancel. This time I was about to cancel again but the weather forecast … Continue reading

Sunday June 2nd, 2013
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Comments Off on Okutama Hiking (Kawanoriyama and waterfalls)

Okutama Hiking (Kawanoriyama and waterfalls)

Participants: Mark, Miho, Stephanie, Patrick (non-member) Reported by Dawn We started the hike late. Mark, Stephanie, and I got on the wrong train when the train we took from Shinjuku separated at Haijima station. Miho and Patrick got there on … Continue reading

Saturday June 1st, 2013
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Comments Off on 女峰山 Nyohosan Hike (2483m)

女峰山 Nyohosan Hike (2483m)

Day hike at Nyohosan in Nikko. Participants: Marc and Yasuko Reported by Sébastien After rescheduling this hike twice I finally manage to go, which is to say I expected a lot from Nyohosan and to give the conclusion first we … Continue reading