BBQ at Kazusaichinomiya(上総一ノ宮)

Organiser: Masumi and Mizue

Participants: Jeff’s family, Hugh’s family, Suzuki-san and Domenico



On September 14th, we had a BBQ on the beach, under the roof of Umi-no-ie(beach house).

It was a sunny&lovely day. We enjoyed having good&fresh foods and wine,as always.  Laughing,chatting,cycling,frisbee, walking along the beach and it became a relaxing day all day. We all enjoyed a lot.

P.S.  ドメニコは少し早めに帰ったので写真に写っていません…...残念です

*Domenico is not in the picture because he left a bit earlier to catch a train.

IMG_7102 IMG_7106 IMG_7113

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