Event Difficulty Rating System

The star system is a general set of guidelines where we try to classify event difficulty. Note that this is not a professional or absolute system, and is subject to each individual organizer’s perspective.

Easy Walk , family friendly, i.e.,, Hanami walk, Kamakura hike, Shrine walk, Hanabi event, BBQ event, Kozu Mikan yama hike

★★Easy Hike i.e., Takao, Jimba yama, Kagenobu yama, Ooyama, Kintoki yama(Hakone), Hakone(Myojin Gatake, Myojo Gatake), Tanzawa (Ookura-One Route) ~1000m

 ★★★Intermediate Hike. Physically strenuous, but lacking immediate danger.  i.e., Tanzawa (Yabitsu Route), Gozen yama(Okutama), Takanosu yama(Okutama),Kumatori yama (Okutama), Komagatake (Hakone), Tsukuba san, ~2000m

 ★★★★Advanced Hike. Strenuous, and presenting a moderate level of danger in the case of a fall or altitude sickness.  i.e., Summer Mt.Fuji, Summer Kita dake, Summer Ontake, Summer Yatsugatake~3000m~

★★★★★ High Level Hike (Winter Mountain Climb). Strenuous, and presenting a high level of danger, where inexperience or an accident such as a fall can result in injury or death.  i.e., Spring & Winter time Mt. Fuji / Tateyama / Yatsugatake  (Special gear needed – think waterproof jackets, aggressive crampons, ice axe, etc.) 【~3000m~】