Joining Events

Signing Up

There are several ways to sign up for one of our events. You can use the RSVP function on the website or on Facebook. Some organizers request a direct mail. In any case please provide your full name (English and/or Japanese), your email address and your mobile phone number.
The organizer needs to be able to contact you. Typical cases are:

  • event has to be canceled due to bad weather
  • you have been on the waiting list and now you can join
  • we are waiting at the station but somebody can’t find the group

Upon signing up the organizer will send you a confirmation mail and at the same time (or later) any further information required.

Making it to the meeting point

Tokyo is a big city and some stations have many different exits. Make sure that you know where people are meeting. If in doubt request further details from the organizer.

Cancellation Policy

Depending on the nature of the event it may have to be canceled due to bad weather. The organizer will inform you if the event has to be canceled. Make sure that you check your mail starting for the meeting point.


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