International Adventure Club Tokyo

The IAC-Tokyo is an all-volunteer group of folks from Kanto who enjoy outdoor activities together. IAC東京は関東に暮らしてる人々のためのアウトドアに楽しめる全てボランティアサークルです。

Hiking to Boonoreyama

19th October 2014


JR Kawai station > Hiking to Bonooreyama(969m) > Lake Naguri > Hanno station

Organiser: Rolf

Participants: Erika, Mutsumi, Kiki

It was such a beautiful sunny day and perfect for hiking.

This was my first hiking after many years I have not joined IAC events. Okutama is my favorite hiking areas and I have a lot of good memories with old time IAC members. So it was very refreshing myself from the morning.

We met at JR Kawai station and started hiking from there. The course is supposed to be a very scenic one which is along with small creek. Soon after we started, we faced tricky part on the concrete road. We were following the main road, but all of sudden, we faced a detour. But it was actually a construction site that they are making a new road to go through. We kind of lost because there seems no other road. Luckily, we met 2 local women and they showed us the way to go through to the hiking route, but they walked in front of someone’s houses. We were quite surprised. Without having met these 2 local women, we could not find the pass.

After we passed few houses, we merged to regular hiking course. The route we walked was one of the steepest. (But we learned it much later.) The scenery we often looked back was so nice. It is the moment I feel that I really enjoying hiking mountains.


We hardly met any other hikers on this route and were wondering where other hikers. But we also did not mind hiking in quiet nature. When we approached the peak, we finally met one guy who was about coming down. I saw behind him and surprised because there were 100 people having lunch at the peak! I asked him “Where all these people come from?” He replied, “You came the toughest course of Boonoreyama.” There are few other courses that more popular than one we took.

The scenery from the peak was beautiful. It was very panoramic.


After lunch at the peak, we decided to take a different route from initially Rolf planned. But it turned out we continued adventurous hiking. The route is along the river and waterfalls. We literally walked in the water but of course it was really fun! It was such a good choice we made! This course must be very scenic and fun if we go up.

After about 1.5 hours later, we came down to Lake Naguri. There was an Onsen facility near the lake, but we skipped it and took bus to Hanno station.

A perfect day to enjoy nature and nice company.

Thank you very much for organizing this hiking, Rolf and IAC.


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