IAC Hanami Party 2015 @Kinuta Park

29 March 2015

Reporter: BIlly

We had lovely IAC hanami this year on March 29 in Kinuta koen near Yoga. Its outside of central Tokyo, and first time to go to this big park for me and many others. This park was Take”s suggestion as he lives nearby, and he also picked the best spot in the park to hold our picnic. It was a few days early before the full bloom of sakura (cherry flowers), but our site was surrounded by relatively early blooming sakura so we could experience the mankai (満開) (cherries in full bloom) or very nearly mankai !

It was very sunny and blue sky in the morning, but cloudy by the time our party started but still warm, especially for this time of year. About 20 – 30 friends and members or IAC showed up, and we had several big tarps laid out in the cherry blossom shape, so the seating was very comfortable and not crowded at all. We enjoyed nice wines, nihonshu, and different kinds of foods together as well as a lot of sparkling wines and personalities !

Later in the afternoon, around 3 pm or so some light drizzle started so we packed things up, it had been a lot of fun and I was not feeling like things were over too soon at all, I had had a good fill of eating, drinking and cavorting. It wasn’t one of those parties that leaves you feeling hungry and sober, but rather drunk and sated.
Thanks Take and other IAC members who helped out (especially Stephanie and Mizue) for nice hanami last weekend!

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