1. Who runs IAC?

The IAC is run by a committee consisting of volunteers from among the members. A member can volunteer to join the Committee anytime. In such a case the existing committee member can step down or the Committee shall call for a simple vote at the General Meeting with prior notice where other possible candidates can come forward. A simple half of attended members should approve the new candidate.

Current committee

2. Is IAC a registered NPO?

The IAC is an unregistered organization of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts.

3. Will the IAC disclose my name and email address to any third party or use it for commercial solicitations?

We have a strict non disclosure policy where members details are not added to any other mailing lists or disclosed to any third party.

4. How many members does the IAC have?

The IAC has approximately one hundred and fifty members of different nationalities.

5. Who are the members? What are their age groups?

We do not collect specific demographic data but about half of the members are Japanese nationals while others are from different countries from all over the world. Most of the members live in and around Tokyo. The IAC has active members of all ages with a majority within 20s to 50s. Anyone under 20 should be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult who is a member of IAC.

6. How can I become a member?

Please navigate to the “Join” page of this website.

7. What will my email address be used for?

Member email IDs are used to send event detail information and membership status messages.

8. What kind of events are organized by the IAC?

A wide range of activities are organized including cycling, hiking, ice climbing, kayaking, mountaineering, mountain biking, paragliding, rafting, rock climbing, sailing, scuba diving, skiing, snowshoeing, tennis and more. Members are free to introduce any new event which could be categorized as an adventure or outdoor event.

9. I’ve never done any outdoor sports. Can I still join the club?

Yes, you are most welcome! Many existing IAC members joined the club with little or no experience in outdoor sports, but they learned more quickly while joining the events. Often there are easy events organized which are suitable for beginners.

10. What is the membership fee used for?

The membership fee is used for expenses like booking venues for general meeting, holding gallery parties, website development, etc. Accounting details can be obtained from the admin on request.

11. Can I get a refund if I decide to terminate membership before my membership term expires?

Generally it is difficult to accommodate membership refunds in our accounting procedures but exceptions can be made on a case by case basis

12. Who organizes the events?

All events are organized by members. If you are a member you too can organize any event. But it is always good to seek advice from more experienced members when organizing an event for the first time.

13. What is the level of difficulty for events?

Events are rated as

1* Easy
2* Moderate
3* Challenging
4* Difficult
5* Very Difficult

14. How are events announced?

Members email event information to people <at> iac-tokyo.org. Submitted events are listed on the calendar and details are emailed to each member after admin approval.

15. How do members join events?

Members can get in touch directly with the event organizer using the ‘Sign Up’ details mentioned by the organizer in the events email.

16. What kind of safety precautions are taken at IAC events?

The IAC is an all volunteer organization and events organized by members are not screened or supervised. Event organizers may not have professional skills or training in adventure activities. Each IAC member is responsible for his or her own safety.

On any event, the organizer or leader has the right to refuse would-be participants who have inadequate equipment, experience or capabilities, or who have a medical condition that could place anyone at risk.

17. Are IAC members covered by any group insurance?

No, IAC does not have a group insurance, and it is each member’s responsibility to join any appropriate insurance if desired. We highly recommend members who want to regularly join difficult mountaineering trips in Japan, to obtain the Mountaineering Insurance which covers emergency rescues such as chartering a helicopter. This coverage may not be available through normal insurance. If you have an insurance, please check the details of the coverage.

Insurance Information

Montbell: You can purchase sports insurance at any Montbell store (there is one just outside Ebisu station on the east side, and another next to Tokyu Hands in Shibuya).  They offer two types of insurance, one which covers hiking alone, and one which covers technical activities. If you are involved in an activity which requires crampons, an ice axe, ropes, or any other special equipment, make sure you purchase the latter.Or via the internet at http://hoken.montbell.jp/ Page regarding the insurance is only in Japanese. If you do not have Japanese friends to translate homepage (you can purchase online), call 0120-936-007 (free, but you cannot call from your mobile) or 06-6538-0208. There are several staff that can speak English. At some shops, if staffs can speak English, you can also purchase outdoor insurance, which is 1, 3 or 5 year duration. (As of May, 2012)

Japan Rescue Organization LLC: http://www.sangakujro.com/ Homepage is only in Japanese. You can purchase online or by sending the form. (As of May, 2012)

Japan Mountaineering Association: http://www.jma-sangaku.or.jp/cominfo/ Homepage is only in Japanese. You can purchase online or by sending the form. (As of May, 2012)

18. Does the IAC have any regular meetings?

Yes, We hold a General Meeting once a year. We also hold special meetings if requested by committee or members. These are listed on the “Events” section of this website.

19. How do I report a problem or send a query?

You may use the ‘Contact’ page in the website to report a problem or send in a query.

20. Does the IAC have any associations with other similar organizations?

IOC Kansai

The International Outdoor Club (IOC) is the IAC’s sister club in the Kansai region. The IAC and IOC encourage members of both clubs to take part in the other club’s activities and in joint activities. Membership is transferrable between the IAC and IOC in the event of a member moving.

Website: http://www.iockansai.com/


Founded as an offshoot of the IAC in Tokyo, IAC London is a club for those interested in outdoor adventure – be it hiking, biking, canoeing, skiing, diving, or whatever… The club is run by and for its members on a voluntary, not for profit basis. Like IAC Tokyo, the aim is to have a membership drawn from around the world.

Website: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/iac-london/

21. Can I use the logo of IAC ?

Yes, you can download the logo image data available here for non-commercial usage. You may use it only for IAC activities such as announcement of IAC events and landmark of meeting point. Any change, alteration or modification to the logo is not allowed. Please let us know your purpose of using it in advance. For the image data in .ai format, please ask the Committee.

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