Miho-san’s farewell hike (ミホさんのさよならハイキング)

Organiser: Miho

Participants: Uta and Stephanie

Reporter: Uta

Miho-san’s last hike in Japan for a while led us to Kumotoriyama. We met at 10:30 at Okutama station, taking the bus to the starting point of our hike. The first day turned out to be an easy stroll up a forest road. We stayed overnight at Sanjo-no-yu lodge, really with a hot bath in the mountains.

On Sunday, we set off early at 6:30, facing a steep incline. Discovering nature, we stopped frequently to take pictures of forest wonders. We arrived at the peak around 10 o’clock. After a picture stop we took another way down the mountain.

After lunch at Nanatsuishisan, we went straight back to Okutama lake, catching the bus back at 14:30. We went to an onsen at Kabe station before returning to Tokyo.

… that night, Germany won the FIFA world cup in Brazil 🙂


日曜日に早く6時半に山を登り始めて、急な傾斜に行った。自然を満喫して、しょっちゅう写真を撮りに止まった。10時ぐらい頂上に着いた。写真を撮ったあとでちがう山路を降りたお昼は七ツ石山でお弁当を食べた。奥多摩湖に戻って, 2時半にバスで出た。河辺駅で温泉に入ったあとで東京に帰った。

その夜にFIFAウールドカップでドイツは優勝した… 🙂

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