Twilight Hike @Takao-san (Saturday 27th September)

Organiser: Stephanie

Participants: Jerome, Catherine, Maciej, Mika & Tomoko

After everyone had assembled at Takaosanguchi Station at 4pm, we made our way past Kiyosato Cable Station to the trailhead of the Biwa-taki Route (Course No.6). From there, it was a 90-minute walk to the summit where we had dinner, imagined where Mt. Fuji would have been if it hadn’t been cloudy, and admired Catherine’s novelty food containers i.e. a classy triangular riceball holder, and an ingenious yellow hard case for a banana.

By the time we finished dinner, night had fallen, and it was time to put on the headlights. From the summit, and during the descent down the Inariyama Course, there were some lovely views of the city lights, whilst the night was filled with the chirping sounds of crickets (コオロギ) and other noises which we weren’t able to quite identify. We made good time, and less than 90-minutes later, we were back at the station boarding the train for home.

IMG_5964 R0013152

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